On-Site Auctions

Whether you are a company that needs to downsize in today's economy, ready to close a commercial business or have mounting debts and liabilities, a common method of generating cash is called liquidation. R. H. Putnam Auctions offers complete liquidation services tailored to your individual needs.

We at R. H. Putnam Auctions will facilitate the best methods available in the sale of all products and assets in order to generate the most revenue in the shortest amount of time. With aggressive media marketing, direct mailing services and staff ready to move on short notice, R. H. Putnam Auctions will work with you in a professional partnership to get you the most cash in for you.

On-site liquidating may include “going out of business” events or the sale of assets and merchandise at public auction. We will work closely with you to make the best of your specific situation and keep you informed of the step-by-step plan design just for your situation.

Consignment Auctions

We can arrange for the disposition of any tangible property within the estate. Frequently, difficult decisions must be made at this point, and R. H. Putnam Auctions can help realize the best possible price on such property, while answering your concerns and questions in a sensitive way. We have worked with private individuals, trustees, banks and attorneys, all of whom have looked to us for professional advice and recommendations on the proper procedures in liquidating estates.

R. H. Putnam Auctions is a full-service auction company based in New Hampshire. We specialize in offering a wide range of estate settlement services to our customers. We are a family-business that understands that our greatest asset is our reputation. Our expertise in the management of both large and small estates is second to none. Estate auctions may be held at the estate or items may be moved to another location to be sold.

From the moment the decision is made to liquidate an estate, we will make the process as smooth as possible. Our first step is to make a house call to meet with you and talk about what items you wish to have sold.

We promote the auction in a variety of media sources that best target buyers that will be interested in the items being offered. The auction is staged and lotted to best display the items and allow ample time for buyers to preview the upcoming auction. You will see how our professional team works very hard to get the most money for your items, while taking extra care to assure they are handled properly. If there are just a few items to liquidate, we may add lots from other consignments to make up an auction with like lots.

We know that this may be a difficult and emotional time for our customers. R. H. Putnam Auctions has a long history of dedication to our family businesses and our compassion and honesty will make you feel comfortable and secure in the settlement of your estate.

Auction Services

Estate Settlement

Often On-Site Auctions are conducted as a convenience and cost-saving method of selling a large estate or commercial property. R. H. Putnam Auctions can assess if your auction could benefit from having an on-site auction, usually during our first visit to your location. There are many customers that choose this style of auction when there is room to set up the lots being sold and there is ample seating, catering space, parking and auction operations at the site. Your site may be ideal for an on-site auction and R. H. Putnam Auctions can arrange for seating, tents, portable toilets, parking attendants, police traffic control and local permits that may be necessary to conduct a successful auction.

When we meet with you, we will help you decide if this method of auction is best for your sale. Your family and friends can help keep on-site auction costs down by providing needed service such as setting up tents and chairs, moving items into preview areas, parking cars and helping after the sale as customers locate their purchases. Further, if your family or friends have specific services that they can offer, we will gladly work with them to assist in the facilitation of the sale.

Internet Auctions

R. H. Putnam Auctions may conduct Internet auctions in conjunction with live auctions to maximize the exposure of your property.  Online selling of your property is done using high quality photographs and detailed descriptions and you can monitor the progress and bidding from your own computer.  We have been online sellers since 1998, giving us one of the highest ratings and feedback scores that sellers and buyers alike can trust.

Business Liquidation

R. H. Putnam Auctions conducts consignment auctions throughout the year on a regular basis. We take pride in our consignments auction, making sure that every lot is clean and in best condition before we put it up for auction. This brings competitive bidding on your items and the bidder goes home with “ready to use” merchandise. We know that this is not the way every auction company operates, but this is the ONLY way that R. H. Putnam Auctions operates.

Our bidders benefit from services including absentee and phone bidding to improve your chances at getting the most for your consigned items. We offer storage of both consigned and sold merchandise, catered food at all auctions and a complete and conscientious staff

Our consignment auctions contain a combination of items. Roscoe and Bob take great pride in organizing each sale to hold just the right balance of antiques/contemporary; large/small; collectibles/box lots etc. This helps to ensure that every consignor gets top value for their items. R. H. Putnam Auctions offers its consignor service such as pick-up & post auction accounting..

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